July 25th @2pm Travel Workshop Deposit (Shannon)

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Our travel workshops give you flexibility of having us come to you!  Since closing our shop in March, we have decided to still host privately held workshops in the space of your choice!  As the hostess, its important you read this description carefully.  Securing your deposit, means you agree to the terms on this description.  There will also be a paper waiver to be signed when the instructors arrive and depart in your location.
If hosting your workshop in a place of business...  Examples include, your office, a restaurant banquet, Church or the like...  Pixie Dust Louisville, LLC. must contact the supervisor to ensure our standards meet with theirs prior to you reserving the time.   If this refers to you, please contact us in advance so we can start that process.
If hosting your workshop in a home setting...  
Pixie Dust Louisville, LLC. is NOT responsible for ANY damage that may occur from stain, paint, or materials we use to create your pieces of art.  We, Pixie Dust Louisville, LLC. will provide necessary table coverings and bring drop cloths for covering under tables.  HOWEVER, if you feel you need additional coverings, they must be provided and readily available the time of your party.  (a paper waiver MUST be signed upon instructors entering and departing the home)  
Your signs will come pre-sanded and we bring our stain and paint bar to YOU!  We will provide a table for OUR materials.  You WILL BE REQUIRED to have a table and seat for each of your guests.  We do NOT provide chair coverings.  We will need 3 outlets (preferably ran on separate breakers) for our drying process.  Hairdryers require lots of voltage and can easily trip breakers if not spread out.  Please account for that when YOU are setting up for your party.  
We ask that no children be present during an adult celebration as we come prepped with adult materials not meant for children.

We will be there 30 minutes before party start time for set-up.  Instructors will need UP TO 1.5 hours from start to finish and about 15 minutes for clean-up.  Please plan time accordingly and be sure everyone shows up on-time.
Your paper waiver will include your signature before and after party.  We will go over our set-up/precaution procedures and you will sign off stating we did them and the workshop area was well prepped by Pixie Dust Louisville, LLC. instructors.  There will also be one at the end stating we cleaned up and you are fine with how Pixie Dust Louisville, LLC. left the space.  
Should you have additional questions, please contact us via E-mail or Phone at the "contact-us" section below.
YOUR DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  Unlike your studio, we need to account for travel expenses and extra instructors.  Therefore, travel workshop deposits are non-refundable.  YOU MUST HAVE 8 GUESTS REGISTER FOR YOUR PARTY, OR YOU FORFEIT YOUR DEPOSIT.  Forfeit meaning, Pixie Dust Louisville, LLC. reserves the right to keep monies held from your deposit of $60.
We are excited you have chosen us to help you in celebrating your special occasion!  We love Birthdays (of ALL ages) Youth events, Team buildings, Bachelorette and Bridal showers.  

Workshop options:
We have 50 designs for your guests to choose from for our private workshops prices ranging from $30-75--   Sorry, we don't offer customs for private workshops.
In order to secure THIS date, you MUST submit the $60 deposit. 

As the hostess, YOU are responsible for inviting guests and making sure they register by your workshop deadline, which is listed on your exclusive registration link, that will be sent 48-hours AFTER your deposit is submitted.  The deadline for ALL guests to register is 7 days prior to your event, unless otherwise arranged/noted.

If someone registers and has to cancel or no-show, their registration fee will be forfeited.

Travel workshops will give you exclusive access with our trained instructors at the location of your choice.  We supply all the materials needed for you and your guests to create a special piece of art they take home at the end of the party.   
We look forward to celebrating with you!