DIY Workshop FAQs

This is a FAQ about our Diy Workshops!
Q – What is a Diy Workshop?

A – You paint a wood sign of your very own!  (No artistic experience required, promise)   You choose the design you want to create ahead of time and we will provide you step-by-step instructions while you’re at the party.  When finished, you get to take your sign home and hang it in our home with pride :)
Q- I have a friend who didn’t buy a spot at the workshop BUT would like to tag along. Is this allowed?

A- We are sorry but this is not allowed. Our studio only has space for a certain number of people, because of this and safety issues we cannot allow anyone that does not have a paid spot reserved to come and hang out. 
Q – How do we book a date?

A –  In order to secure an available date you will be required to pay a deposit ($60) which WILL be refunded at the completion of the workshop.  If you cancel the workshop for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited.  Rescheduling options will vary pending volume of workshops for the month.
Q – How many people can we have at a workshop?

A – Minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20
Q- I would like to make more than one project at the workshop. Can I buy two spots and do both projects myself?

A- We are sorry but because of time constraints and the way we instruct, we can only allow each person to make ONE project at each workshop. If there are multiple designs you want to make we suggest that you invite someone to join you {and they also have a purchased spot} to make it. 
Q – Where are the workshops held?

A – All parties are held at our store in the Westport Village shopping center in Louisville.  (1321 Herr Lane Suite 187  Louisville, KY)  We have the ability to host up to 20 people at this location and we have everything that you'll need to create your piece.

Q – How much does it cost?

A – Depending on the size and design sign you choose, prices range from $25 and up.
Q – Is this only for adults?

A – No!  We offer Mommy and me, Kiddo Classes and Birthday Party packages for the littles.  Visit our "For the Kiddos" link on the home page for more information.
Q – How do we choose which sign to paint?

A – You can view all the choices on our website by clicking the actual workshop date.  Each workshop makes a specific project but will have several designs to choose from.  For private held workshops it is hostess choice.  After choosing your design, you will need to pre-order by purchasing.  Please pay close attention to the details in the listing.  If you are registering for a privately held workshop your hostess will send you a link to register.
Q-Do you need to pick colors ahead of time?

A- No. We have every color you can imagine at our studio and you can choose colors at the class.
Q – Why do we have to preorder?

A – Every stencil is made to order.  This means that we must have enough time to print the stencils for the whole party before you arrive.  This is very important to ensure that your workshop is a success!  This is part of the hostess’ responsibility to make sure that all orders are in on time.

Q – How do we pay for our sign?

A – You will pay on the website when you pre-order your selection.  Once you pay for your sign, the stencil will be printed.
Q – What is the deadline to register?

A – The deadline is one week prior to your party.
Q – What if I already reserved but can’t make it? Can I get a refund on my sign?

A – Unfortunately, there are no refunds for our workshops.  However, we can make arrangements to make your sign for you and you can pick it up at our location, or register you for another workshop time.

Q – What is your workshop cancellation policy?

A – Because our dates are limited, we must take a deposit to reserve your workshop. This deposit WILL be refunded at the completion of the workshop. If you cancel the workshop for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited.

Q- What do I need to wear?

A- We have aprons for everyone, but please remember that we are using PAINT and that means it could get on you!  You MUST wear close toed shoes!
Q- How long does the workshop take?

A- This depends on your group but the average is about 2 hours.
Q – Can we bring food and drinks to the workshop?

A – ABSOLUTELY!  There will be time when you can chat and snack.  Feel free to bring food for your guests or arrange a potluck with your group.
Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to working with you on customizing your workshop!