Paint Classes for Kids Louisville, KY

Looking for a great birthday party idea? Need a new Girl Scout or Boy Scout activity? Searching for something to keep the kids busy during the summer or a special mommy and me night out?

You’ve come to the right place! Louisville painting parties for kids are a great outlet for kids and a convenient place for mom to enjoy the party too.

We handle all the messy work so you and your little ones can enjoy being creative together. We love to teach kids a new skill, help to build confidence, and allow them to enjoy the art of creativity.

Our kids classes allow each child to create a unique project of their very own, which they can take home and be proud of. Move beyond bouncy houses and backyard games and give your kids a party they will never forget.

About our Painting Workshops for Kids

We love to help kids express their creativity, and we can accommodate any group with children between the ages of 4-17. Mommy and me painting classes are fun for parents who are looking for an interactive way to have one-on-one time with their kids.

Group kid parties are perfect for birthdays, and you can even bring in a cake, snacks and drinks. We can also work with girl scouts or boy scouts to help them create a project and learn something new.

We handle all the setup and clean up so you can enjoy the event. Each class is between one and two hours, depending on the size of the group. You can choose your project, or create a custom craft just for your kiddos.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Browse our upcoming workshops. Each workshop has multiple designs to choose from. Each kiddo can pick their own design to complete or if you’d like a custom project, just let us know and we can create something perfect!
  2. Click the date that you like. The deadline to Register for each party is one week prior to the start date. This gives us enough time to have all the supplies ready for your date.
  3. Choose your sign design in advance. Each participant should select their design in advance to give us time to have all the supplies and stencils prepared. If you’d like to complete a custom project, please contact us at least two weeks prior to the event and we can help you create your project.
  4. Checkout. Payment is required in advance for all workshops, this allows us to prepare all of the project supplies ahead of time. Unfortunately, there are no refunds once your party is booked, but we can arrange another time for you to complete your crafts in case of emergency.
  5. Show up and have fun! All of our classes are held at our local studio in Louisville, KY. Because of the space constraints, we ask that you do not bring any additional people that have not signed up for the class. We can accommodate up to 20 participants.
  6. Take home a beautiful craft project made by you! We love watching kids learn something new and see what they are able to create. At the end of the party, each guest will finish and take home their own unique craft.

It’s Good For Them!

Painting and creativity taps into the imagination center in the brain. Because of this, drawing and painting are highly recommended for children.

By promoting the development of their brains through creativity, it helps children to be more prepared for academic work and can do better at school. Art can also help children to communicate and conveying their ideas.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays can be stressful with having 15 children at your house for a birthday party. Let us help! A painting birthday party is great for kids of all ages.

From four to 17 years old, we can create a project theme and designs for any age group that fit your child’s interest or birthday theme. No need to mess up your own house, we handle all crafting setup and clean up.

You’re welcome to come early, set up a cake, decorate, and bring snacks and drinks.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Activities

For parents or troop leaders, we provide a great space to create custom projects that fill the requirements for earning art, painting, or creativity badges. We help to encourage creativity, independence, and self-confidence by teaching a new skill and allowing each child to express themselves through art.

Give us a call and start planning your event today!