About our program

Our ambassador program is a simple, easy way to make passive income.  We offer 2 types of ambassadors.  You are welcome to be both but breaking up the two helps to distinguish them.  Below you will find information on both programs and decide which would best suite your lifestyle.  We are currently accepting 6 slots into our program and are expecting a waiting list.  

Each program will have a minimum based on a 30-day calendar month.  We ask that either program bring in 6 signs.  Should you not meet the minimum (6 signs) for that month, no worries!  We carry you into the next 30-days.  Should you not meet the 12, your partnership with us will be suspended.  You are welcome to re-apply, just ask to be put back on the waiting list.  IF, you are doing both programs, the minimum to sell/order is SIX not a full 12.

If you choose to be a maker ambassador, your only responsibility is getting orders!  You will be assigned a link on our website where you will send your customers.  Each ambassador will have their monies recorded and a check sent out the 1st week on the following month.  The check will be, your items sold at 20% profit BEFORE taxes.

If you choose to be an order ambassador, you are responsible for selling the signs you purchased from us at a wholesale rate.  This is not as passive but provides you with an actual product for customers to see.  You can re-sell your merchandise at any price point you set!

If you are interested in learning more about our program and informtaion on how to sign up contact the shop!  Happy to answer any qyestions you may have!