About our clan



Hi!!  I'm Sam, a momma of 4 kids--  8 and under!   I LOVE to paint and decorate and am crazy for chippy paint, cotton stems and metal buckets!  Painting signs is my passion, my therapy, my gateway to peace I do not have during the day!  I went to school to be a teacher, got my degree in Elementary Education.  When we got pregnant with our first, nothing was more important to us then me being home.  As our family has grown, thankfully so has our business.



This business has been a wild and crazy ride.  I remember sitting with our then, 2nd child who was 5 months old telling my hubby I wanted to start a little canvas painting business.  I said, "I think I'll call it Pixie Dust" of course, he shrugged it off and here we are 6 years in, with canvases a thing of the past.  To his reluctance, we remained Pixie Dust through the growth of this little business of ours.

The sign you choose to buy helps support our family.  We handcraft every.single.item that leaves our shop.   We are a "mom and pop" shop following a dream, together.

My husband is a carpenter at heart and is in charge of all the wood pieces that go out our studio doors. He loves to build things, put things together and be a handy-man. Our combos of love of painting and wood are a perfect match. He is not afraid to take on any challenge when it comes to carpentry and building. You will not be disappointed with his craftsmanship.