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A few of my most favorite health and beauty items.  It would be hard to live without them!



These whitening strips are AHHHMAZING!!!!!!!  Now, I will admit at first I didn't buy all the hype about them.  But..... after 7 days OH. MY.GOSH!!!  I now only use them right before I go out, or have something important going on.  They are NATURAL and...  THEY WORK!!!!  Not only do they work....  they do NOT make your teeth sensitive AT ALL!  I have super sensitive teeth and gums and even when I was doing them for 7-14 days straight I didn't have any sensitivity. Seriously my teeth are crazy white after I use them.  I will say this...  It took a full 7 days to see results when you start.  You get the strips, Toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash.  I don't like the mouthwash, it's nasty.  I only use the toothpaste and mouthwash after my 30-minute treatment.  I do not use them on a daily basis.  They are worth every penny and I am obsessed with this product!!!  When you try them let me know how much you love them!!




Let me be your guinea pig on this one.  Seriously... listen close!  Self tanning sucks!  But... if you do it right and know the product(s) to use it will save you time, money, an Oompa Loompa look and tears... TRUST ME!!  I bought 7 tanners one day on Amazon... yep SEVEN!  The seven I bought, I purchased based off amount of sales and reviews.  I didn't really care to experiment because it was back in quarantine when the world never physically saw my face anyway.  This tanner is BY FAR.. VERY, VERY FAR the BEST tanner!!!  BE SURE TO GET THE DEEP BRONZE COLOR.  It did take me a few weeks to perfect how/when to apply so I didn't look orange.  It takes a few applications before you really notice a big difference.  You will look super tan/a little orange before you shower it off.  

So... this is my protocol:

After showering...  (BEFORE BED)

Apply the tanner (I don't like using mitts because I feel like it wastes a TON of tanner so.. I use vinyl gloves.  Linked here: 

Start with feet/legs and go up.  I use this same product on my face.  I tried a different "face tanner" for my face and it was a totally different color (eyeroll) So.. this works so good for the face too.  

Let it dry, it takes about 5-10 minutes and put your clothes on like normal.  Go to sleep and you will wake up with a deep tan (maybe a hint of orange) 

Shower again.  Do your daily thing and repeat this at night.  I do this for 3 nights straight my first application so the color really sticks.  Then, twice a week after.  I do Wednesdays and Sundays.  

Pro Tip 1...  Apply a small amount of lotion on elbows and ankles before application.  

Pro Tip 2...  Have someone there ready to do your back!  You wont be able to reach it!  If you don't have someone at home with you, there is a back tool you can use.  You will need hands or the tool!  

Get the tool here:

Pro Tip 3...  DO THIS AT NIGHT!  LET ME REPEAT... DO THIS AT NIGHT!!  You don't need to sweat, cry, get dirty, etc. with a fresh tan...  You will be lookin' like a zebra!!  

Pro Tip 4...  Your hands will be covered by gloves for the application, which will leave them white.  Take them off...  Put the tanner on your hands and rub in like lotion.  Don't wash off for 30 minutes or so.  Wash with soap and water and viola.  All set with the hands!

Pro Tip 5...  Get in between your toes!!  Take the extra 2 minutes and go in between your toes when you do your feet.  You don't wanna have it looking weird!


Happy tanning. 




You are probably thinking hair extensions is of top importance?  Yep.  Sure is.  My hair looks fuller, its longer, I feel more confident with them in.  After you have babies you loose hair (LOTS of hair) and I'm still in the process of getting my hair back to its thick state.  Until then, it makes me feel more confident having them in and you cant tell!!! (SWEAR)

This is human hair.  This means you can style it, wash it, dye it.  I got lucky and this color matches me to the T so I haven't had to dye them.  I have washed mine several times and styled them more times than I can count.  It takes a little getting used too, putting them in but...  it only takes a handful of times.  I will do a tutorial on this soon and link it here for you.  Now, I did NOT try other extension products, I bought this one based on reviews and have LOVED them.  There was no need to try any others.  I wear mine at least twice a week and wash them twice a month.  They are seriously amazing!!

Here are some pics with and without the extensions.  CRAZZZY right?!






This mascara is the BEST!!!  I tried a few fake lashes and returned them.  The thought of magnetic glue or just glue in general FREAKED. ME. OUT.  I could never get the hang of them so I gave up.  This is So. much. better anyway!!!  It's amazing how this stuff takes small, barely there lashes to thick and lush in a few minutes.  I couldn't believe it the first time I tired it and now, I am forever a buyer.  Its great!  Below are some pics with this mascara.  WHOAAAAA right?!?!?





There are SO many blushes on the market but... this is by far my fave.  It cheap and the quality is the best I have found in a long time.  For $7 this will last you, nearly a year.  This is the color I wear but there are so many to choose from.  I love this blush and brand.






I LOVE this organizer!  It holds all my makeup and most of my jewelry!  Its HUGE, great quality and affordable!!  You can stack them different ways so mine is stacked to add extra shelving.  See below to see how I have mine.  I seriously LOVE this!!!  




I LOVE these multi-vitamins.  If you have followed me on social media for awhile, you know that I struggle with a chronic illness.  (I promise to do a blog on this) but.. I take around 40 some herbal supplements A DAY!!  Yep, a day!!  This is one I LOVE and I notice when I miss it, or I run out waiting for a new shipment. 

I also take their "Uti don't think so" but since that is specific to my condition, I wont link it.  I'll link the other one I take below.  Everyone needs a good multi vitamin!  This one is plant based with the main ingredients being Turmeric and Coconut oil!  The only downfall is, its a really big pill.  I am so used to taking pills that it doesn't affect me but.. most will need to cut it in halvsies.  These really are amazing and I make sure to take mine daily (in the morning).




Everyone, like a multi-vitamin needs to take a good probiotic!  If you don't take any vitamins at least take a multi-vitamin and probiotic everyday!  My kids have been taking daily vitamins since they were 6 months old.  They are so important for overall health!!!

I work with a naturopath, when all other medical doctors have failed me over the years.  These are actually the exact brand and formula she "prescribes" me.  I do get them from her so she can keep track of my medications but... these are the same!  I was SHOCKED they were even on here. 

I take them for vaginal health because that's the area I struggle with and have chronic issues.  They are great for hormonal balance as well.  Its one of my 40 I take daily.  Well I actually take these 3x a day but... you need to follow what's on the box.  Remember, I have a chronic illness and have a medical person directing me with dosages!  




I LIVE on dry shampoo.  Well, wait...  let me rephrase...  before Covid I would go 5 days in between washing.  Since Covid... I wash my hair every time I go out of the house and come home because... germs :(  I buy this pack because its the cheapest and it is the variety pack.  I don't have a favorite scent so I like to use the variety.  This is the best dry shamp.  LOVE using it!  It does turn your hair white so I use it at night so in the morning its not there anymore.  I have super oliy hair and 5 days in between washes you cant tell with this stuff.  It really is... that good!



I don't wear eyeliner for my everyday make-up but... when I go out or have something important to do, its on.  I LOVE this brand and liner.  It goes on so smooth, I never get those weird "bumps" when applying its a nice, even coverage.  I cannot use another liner.  I am a big Kyle Cosmetics fan and Bare minerals fan but... this is so much better.  I do feel like its a little on the pricey side, but.. since I don't wear mine daily, I can get about 6 months out of it.  



This is a game changer for my face, well underneath my eyes.  I ONLY use bareMinerals foundation.  Only.  I have used it since high school.  I used to get Proactive boxes, starting in High School and one time there was a sample of the bareMinerals foundation...  I have been obsessed ever since.  I have such sensitive skin, even now as an adult.  There is no talc, sulfates, its pretty clean.  I always go a shade, even 2 darker than my normal tone.  I apply this thickly underneath my eyes, on the tip of my nose, my chin and any pimples that may pop up.  Apply my foundation over it and viola!  Bye, Bye pimples and dark eyes!




I use the complexion rescue if I will be out in the sun and need minimal coverage and sunscreen.  Its a light coverage, doesn't provide a foundation like look so you will see some blemishes when you use it but it does cover redness and provides that sunscreen.  Its my go too for summer.  Its thin, and doesn't feel heavy.  Also is a great moisturizer and like mentioned above its a pretty clean "foundation".  Highly recommend, especially for those summer months!


I like a pressed foundation for certain occasions.  If I am going into work, I will wear this over my correction concealer.  Its not heavy like a liquid foundation and provides a nice even coverage.  This is actually the exact product 15+ years ago that was in my proactive box that I sampled.  Its sulfate free and it doesn't break me out.  I don't apply it with the pad provided, but a nice big brush.  Seems to do the trick for me!  This often goes on sale on Amazon and if you add it to your cart and wait 48 hours they will send you $ off!  SCORE!




This is what I use when I need max coverage.  Its thick, heavy and provides a blemish free, beautiful look.  I use this when I go out with friends, on a date with the hubs or having pictures taken.  It provides me that long-lasting full coverage look.  I just apply it with my fingers all over my face and neck after I do my correcting concealer.  This is such a great liquid foundation!!!  HIGHLY recommend this if your into liquid!



I use this periodically.  I use this the same way as the pressed foundation.  For work, out errand running, if I even wear make-up doing that lol...  The ONLY reason I have both forms (pressed and powder) is because I truly don't have a preference one over the other (the pressed vs. powder)  I do tan from time to time so my skin is sometimes completely different shades.  When I do my tanner, I wear this because I have it in the darker color, where my pressed foundation is lighter.  Did you follow that lol?!  It provides the same coverage as the pressed, covers well, lightweight and natural looking.  Its really personal preference whatever you like.  I have ZERO preference so I have both just in different shades!



I use this as a bronzer.  I honestly don't use it much, in the summer months I will use it the most.  I usually just have it around for a good bronzer.  I have used it a few times as a dark colored blush.




When I was in college, I was still using Proactive as my go-too face cleanser treatment.  Out of college, I was broke and started experimenting with cheaper cleansers.  I didn't have acne anymore, I grew out of that with age but... I had redness and the occasional pimple op up, and still do to this day.  I didn't like any other cleansers I have tried in the past.  This one is always the one I seem to always go back too.  I don't moisturize my face, I probably should but... this is literally the only thing I use on my face to clean it.  I wash my face in the shower daily.  That's it...  I am second guessing myself and maybe I need to start experimenting with moisturizers, lol.  I do remember my dermatologist telling me growing up that you should be limited to 1 brand of cleansers but use various products from them.  For example I use this 80% of the time

The other time I use this wash:

Just helps to keep my face glowing and healthy.  Get yourself 2 or 3 cleaners and use each one of them here and there for a healthy balance.



I found this, its a really good price and has a few of the thing I use.  I don't use finishing powder over my make-up but if I did, this is what I would use.  Again, bareMinerals is a great brand and wont break you out.  I also LOVE their brushes but... they are to expensive for me soo this is great that it has the brush!





Speaking of brushes...  These are the ones I use.  Very affordable and wash well.  I do replace my brushes every 6 months because honestly, I don't clean them as often as I should.  I really like these and they fit my budget! 






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