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Hi!   Im Samantha (Sam for short) Or...... if you are like my husband, Sami.  (insert eye roll) 
Before I start on all the "about me things" you're probably thinking.... Paints and Panties?  Really?  Before judgement passes...  first, its catchy, admit that!  I would click on something with that catchy Title.  But, in all seriousness...  The meaning behind...  Paints...  I own businesses that create art using paints.  Viola.  That was simple.  Now, I am a VERY, VERY symmetrical person.  ALL. THE. THINGS. have to match on the sides.  Symmetry is my jam.  Therefore, my Blog title I felt needed to reflect just that, symmetry.  So, panties came lol.  Now, I am not only a girl mom, I have 2 boys and 2 girls but... the "panties" represent my mommin' life.  I felt it was practical and although, maybe doesn't represent my boys...  Ill be sure to give them something soon!
Now.... onto ME! 

I am a momma of 4, wife to 1. 

I am a small business owner of now 4 small shops.  They used to be combined into one giant business and then last year, separated out (much more to come on this). 


I am 34 but look (and most days feel) 21

I don't like to read

I HATE mornings



I love late nights and fast food. 

A good salad is my preferred dinner. 



I love eating veggies and drinking Coca-Cola. (at the same time)

I love to emoji text even though it makes people mad

I have a passion for cute, rustic home decor, white walls and coffee.

I am an organizer of chaos 




My bed is always made (unless im in it)

Kentucky is my birthplace, but Minnesota is my home

I love creativity and creative people. 

Im not a perfectionist.  I like more on less time (unless its orders)

My phone is ALWAYS dead. 



Im ALWAYS in a hurry.  ALWAYS ALWAYS in a hurry

I don't know what twitter and tik-tok are.

I just started using filters on my pictures a few weeks ago and im not sad about it



I don't eat meat I cook.  (If I see it raw, I will NOT eat it)

My kids have never eaten a hot dog or red meat in their lives.

All my babies were born in 5 years and 2 months



I love driving my mini van with crazy loud tunes playing

I love Amazon Prime but.. hate amazon (do you feel this)

I have a chronic illness that I have suffered with for almost 5 years



All 4 of my labors were natural.  No drugs. (I NEED A SHIRT THAT SAYS THIS)



I think I am super funny, and don't care if i'm the only one who thinks this.

My parents have both passed away, within 3 years of each other


I HATE clutter and hoarding

Returning items to stores is my jam.  (Just ask my friends and Hobby Lobby, lol)

My husband and I view money VERY differently, yet are still married (I ADORE him anyway)

My wedding was in a small chapel in the Tennessee mountains



I don't like peppermint coffee or pumpkin spice (YUCK)

I have a crush on Scott Disick because he looks like my hubs


I CAN keep a secret

I LOVE babies but am done having them

I have a 16 year old dog who I love SOOOO much.



I love clean sheets but don't like the wash them.

I wish my hair was thicker

I have an Elementary Education Degree but never completed my student teaching because I didn't know which state I would end up in, for good.

My husband was my brothers best friend.

I don't pretend to be someone I am not.  You love me or don't, it honestly makes no difference to me.

Im fun (cocktails involved or not)

I hate to cook but love a home cooked meal

I don't collect things.

I take things personally.  (This is a work in progress for me)

Vacuum lines make me happy

I love to go on Pinterest but I think its all fake (more to come on this one)

I love sharing my loves with everyone else in hopes they find something they love. 


Thats really things about me in a nutshell.  Im sure I missed a crap ton but... you get the idea.  I always have these really great ideas but never follow through with them.  My promise to myself is to commit to something and follow through.  The only thing I really ever follow through with is... when I say we are going to Chick-fil-a, I follow through... we ARE going to Chick-fil-a.  So, I am treating this blog much like the Chick-fil-a drive through.  Committed and ready to see where this takes.. US!




Enjoy....  Paints and Panties!

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