Welcome to the only place you can shop for your home, create custom art,
plan a paint party and find the perfect gift - all in one spot.

Wood, Wine, and Power Tools

Paint Parties Louisville, KY

Welcome to the only place you can shop for your home, create custom art, plan a paint party and find the perfect gift, all in one spot.

Pixie Dust specializes in wood signs and home décor. We also offer painting parties and private events to give you a memorable alternative to the ordinary night out.

Ours is the only studio in Louisville, KY where you can enjoy a creative outlet with step-by-step instruction from our experienced staff. We provide everything you need and you enjoy a friendly atmosphere and a beautiful result.

We deliver fun, upbeat music, entertaining instructors, and beautiful projects to get your creative juices flowing.

I’ve never painted anything before! No problem. You don’t need any prior experience to enjoy your time at Pixie Dust. We provide everything you need and we guarantee you’re going to love your results.

I’m seriously not crafty. Yeah, we’ve heard that one before too. You don’t need any special skills to create a beautiful work of art at Pixie Dust. We make our projects simple, on trend, and special for you. You can select your own design to create so you’re sure to take home something that you love.

I don’t even know where to start. You have come to the right place. We will show you exactly what to do, step-by-step. All you have to do is select your date, time, and design. We take care of the rest. No stress and no expertise required.

Paint Workshops Louisville KY

Paint Party Classes

All of our Louisville painting parties are kept small so we can give personalized attention to each member. We understand that not every craft has a one-size-fits-all approach, so we limit our class size to no more than 20 participants.

This enables us individual instruction to ensure no one is left behind. Whether you are four years old, or 104 years old, we are here to help everyone enjoy the world of crafting like you never have before.

Our projects range from seasonal wood décor, wedding projects, workshops for kids, gift ideas, Christmas crafts, and everything in between. We can even create custom projects for private parties that incorporate your company logo, wedding theme, family monogram, or your teenagers favorite colors.

If you can imagine it, we can help you create it.

Hand Painted Wood Signs and Home Décor

In addition to parties and painting crafts, we carry a wide range of beautiful handcrafted signs, décor, and furniture in our store for purchase, and we take custom orders.

If you’re not interested in hosting or coming to a crafting party, come peruse our shop for unique items you won’t find anywhere else. Our home accents make beautiful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, showers, and more.